Over the 2016-2017 academic year, the Xavier Contemplative Inquiry Team will meet on the second or third Monday of most months, noon-1:30pm, in the Mellon Seminar Room (LRC 532B) except as noted.

Sept. 11 (CAT+FD Conference Room: LRC 534A)
Oct. 23
Nov. 20

Jan. 22
Feb. 19
Mar. 19
Apri. 16


Jeremy Cohen, Psychology
Bart Everson (co-facilitator), CAT+FD
Wendy Gaudin (co-facilitator), Student Academic Success
Shu Peng, Confucius Institute
Donna Robinson, Clinical and Administrative Sciences
Sunil Sirohi, Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah Weaver, Chemistry


First Meeting

11 September 2017
  1. Three bell meditation
  2. Brief introductions
  3. Foundations and definitions
  4. Programmatic goals and affordances
  5. Personal goals and re-introductions
  6. Readings
  7. Gadgets
  8. Wrap: questions going forward